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Bowling Tournament Submission Confirmation

Thank you.

Your event has been submitted and if approved will appear in the calendar.

Instructions for using BowlingQuest Tournament Submissions Form

First the location of the event must be filled in. If this is not done first any other input will be deleted when this selection is made. It’s easy. From the pulldown, select the state in which the tournament is to be held.
This will give you the list of cities that have bowling alleys. Select the city. Next, select the bowling alley where the event is happening. You will see the name of the lane and its address below the BowlingQuest ID number for the facility.

Now you can input the rest of the information.

There is a 100 character limit for the title. Be as accurate as possible. This will be checked against the Event URL. (See below.)

The start date is selected from the calendar once you click your mouse into the date box. No end date is necessary as this information is gotten using the Event URL. This takes the hassle and work out of tournaments with repeating dates.

The Event URL is the most important field in the form. For your event to be input into the calendar, this must be correct. This is the link to your event. It is the way your event is found on the web. Preferred is the use of a web address, when available, instead of a Facebook address.

In put your name and the email address you can be contacted with.

In the Description box we ask that you put tournament contact information and what other info, if any, you want that describes the tournament.

That’s it. Review your info and click the Submit button.


  1. James Yeatrakas is intended to be a national tournament run on a daily basis with multiple ways to compete. It is in proof of concept format in order raise awareness of its existence. Real bowlers entering their scores in sanctioned tournaments or league events will be combined with computer generated bowlers so that the scope of the tournament can be demonstrated. As the real bowler participation reaches around 2000 bowlers, the CGI bowlers will be dropped. If the bowlers desire to add fee based events they will be included with free events always available. Free events are bragging rights only while fee based events could reach thousands of dollars. There are short videos at the webpage as well as FAQs and a section on the rules. I have tested the tournament engine for stability and accuracy. Players of ALL abilities can compete on an equal basis as they will be placed on 4 person teams and their averages adjusted after each event using the last six events plus the current score to calculate the new averages. I invite you to participate. While it is free to play, no passwords are necessary and if you do not want to post your real name you can use any name you want. However, your current USBC average will allow you to experience the true capability of the tournament. Please visit It isn’t pretty, but it does work.

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