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Bowling Tournament Calendar and Bowling Alley Information

Bowling Tournament Calendar

October 8, 2019

Hoinke Classic
Central Florida Seniors Bowling Club Singles Tournament
Central Florida Seniors Bowling Club Doubles Tournament
Tuesday Sweeper

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Enter ALL your tournaments HERE for free. Just click this link to go to the Tournament Submissions page. Tournament listings that are in the calendar also appear on the Bowling Alley’s individual page. Over 6000 bowling alleys listed – present and past.

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Inside Bowling has a number of interesting videos. Here is a link to some of their YouTube offerings: Shot – Inside Bowling

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Chicagoland Bowling

  • Tournament Results Posted
    by Site Admin on September 23, 2019 at 6:38 pm

    Full results have been posted for two recent Revolutionary Tournament Bowling events: 1 Day Singles held August 31, 2019, at Arlington Lanes. Click here to view these results. 1 Day Singles held September 8, 2019, at Laraway Lanes. Click here to view these results. […]

  • Schedule Updated
    by Site Admin on September 23, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    Revolutionary Tournament Bowling has updated their schedule as of 9/21/19. Click here to view it. […]

  • Beverly Lanes Full Results Posted
    by Site Admin on September 9, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    Full results have been posted for Revolutionary Tournament Bowling’s 1 Day Singles event, held August 24, 2019, at Beverly Lanes. Click here to view these results. […]

  • Tournament Results Posted
    by Site Admin on August 26, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    Full results have been posted for two recent Revolutionary Tournament Bowling events: 1 Day Singles held August 11, 2019, at Suburbanite Bowl. Click here to view these results. Summer Sizzler held August 16-18, 2019, at Stardust Bowl. Click here to view these results. […]

  • Schedule Updated
    by Site Admin on August 26, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    Revolutionary Tournament Bowling has updated their schedule as of 8/23/19. Click here to view it. […]

Bowling Alley Rating System
Rate your bowling alleys for quality of Services, Prices, and more. There are 5 categories. Go to the individual bowling alley page and rate your favorite lanes. Comments are taken there. See all the ratings on the Ratings Page.

Bowling Etiquette
Dealing With Bowlers on Surrounding Lanes:
Yield to the bowler to your right if you’re both up at the same time.
Do not step onto your approach until the other bowlers on adjacent lanes have stepped off theirs.
Make sure you have no bowler on either side of you before you get ready to bowl.(More)

How Not to Treat
Your Bowling Ball

Did You Know?
Ten pin bowling is not the only form of bowling. There is also 9-pin – Not to be confused with No-tap, where one knocks down 9 pins to get a strike. Bulverde This game actually uses 9 pins arranged in a diamond pattern. The game is much older than ten pin and has a different set of rules. Click on the logo above to find out more about actual 9-Pin Bowling.

International Candlepin Bowling Association
bowling is played with different balls and pins than either Duckpin or regular 10-pin bowling. The pins are not tapered and the balls are softball sized. Players are allowed 3 balls to down all the pins – Dead wood is NOT cleared away between tries.Candlepin is most popular in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Note the size and shapes of the pins as well as the small bowling ball.

Duckpin BowlingDuckpin Bowling is a variation of 10-pin bowling, played mostly in the Northeastern US and as far south and west as Indianapolis. The balls and pins are smaller than those in 10-pin bowling and players are allowed 3 tries to knock down all the pins.

Ice Bowling is the opposite end of the scale from lawn bowling. Increasingly popular in northern climates, the game is played on frozen lakes and indoor arenas.

SwissSwiss Bowling A Swiss-system tournament is a non-eliminating tournament format which features a predetermined number of rounds of competition. Each competitor (team or individual) does not play every other.

Scotch DoublesScotch Doubles is a game where teams of two bowlers compete while alternating shots, regardless of whether they strike, spare or open.

Baker Bowling is a team format where more than 1 bowler comprises the score of one game. The most common Baker game is with 5 people where each person bowls 2 frames. See link for details.

Bowling News
PBA Spare Shots: How to Order Your Copy of New Earl Anthony Biography
18 October 2019

Veteran bowling writer Barry Sparks of York, Pa., has authored the first comprehensive bio ...
Source: Professional Bowlers Association

PBA Star Tommy Jones, Former Ownership Partners Mike Slade, Rob Glaser Elected to PBA Hall of Fame
17 October 2019

CHICAGO – Nineteen-time title winner Tommy Jones of Simpsonville, South Carolina, and fo ...
Source: Professional Bowlers Association

Collegiate Ticker - Oct. 16, 2019
16 October 2019

The Notre Dame College women and the Lincoln Memorial men earned Tier II wins last weekend at the O ...

Source: News

Preparation for U.S. Open Requires Much More than Practice for Jason Belmonte
14 October 2019

Jason Belmonte recently spent eight days enjoying a relaxing holiday on the quiet beaches of nort ...
Source: Professional Bowlers Association

U.S. Open missing major for Belmonte
11 October 2019

Australia's Jason Belmonte has won more major titles than any player in PBA Tour history, but the U ...

Source: News

PBA Spare Shots: Nominations Now Being Accepted for PBA Tony Reyes Community Service Award
11 October 2019

Nominations are now being accepted for one of the PBA’s most prestigious awards, the PBA Tony R ...
Source: Professional Bowlers Association

Dexter Bowling, IBC Youth extend partnership agreement
10 October 2019

Since the 2005-2006 season, Dexter Bowling has been the title sponsor of the annual Dexter High Scho ...

Source: News

Collegiate Ticker - Oct. 9, 2019
9 October 2019

The Pikeville women and Emmanuel men each recorded big wins last weekend at the MSC Louisville Colle ...

Source: News

Pearl Keller, USBC and PWBA Hall of Fame member, dies at age 95
9 October 2019

Keller was inducted into the PWBA Hall of Fame in 1997 in the Builder category and two years later j ...

Source: News

Bowlero Atlantic Station
8 October 2019

Bowlero Atlantic Station bowlero_admin
Source: Brunswick Zone

Butturff motivated heading into 2019 U.S. Open
7 October 2019

Jakob Butturff has been dominant at the U.S. Open, but he has not been able to find the winner's ci ...

Source: News

St. Francis-Ill. women, McKendree men victorious at 2019 Midwest Collegiate Championships
6 October 2019

The St. Francis-Illinois women and McKendree men showcased their team chemistry during Baker compet ...

Source: News

SCAD-Savannah men, Midland women lead after opening round at Midwest Collegiate Championships
5 October 2019

The SCAD-Savannah men and Midland women paced their respective divisions Saturday at the Midwest C ...

Source: News

PBA Spare Shots: FloSports Rebranding Includes New App for Android Devices
4 October 2019

Austin, Texas-based FloSports, the innovator ...
Source: Professional Bowlers Association

USBC, Kegel extend longstanding partnership
2 October 2019

Since 2006, Kegel has provided lane maintenance equipment and supplies, along with technical and on- ...

Source: News

Collegiate Ticker - Oct. 2, 2019
2 October 2019

The Midland men and the Kansas Wesleyan women emerged victorious at the Midland Warrior Open in Elk ...

Source: News

BowlTV announces collegiate livestream schedule for 2019-2020 season
1 October 2019

BowlTV will expand its collegiate livestreaming schedule in the 2019-2020 season, covering 13 regul ...

Source: News

Sammy Ventura Voted 2019 PBA50 Dick Weber Sportsmanship Award Winner
30 September 2019

CHICAGO – Nine-year PBA50 Tour veteran Sammy Ventura of Syracuse, New York, has be ...
Source: Professional Bowlers Association

Excitement grows for the 55th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup By Paul Lane
29 September 2019

Republished courtesy of International Bowling Industry Magazine

Jesper Svensson Ends Two-Year Title Drought, Defeats Sean Rash to Win PBA-WBT Thailand Open
28 September 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand – Sweden’s Jesper Svensson defeated Sean Rash of Montgomery, Illinoi ...
Source: Professional Bowlers Association

PBA Spare Shots: New PBA CEO Colie Edison Talks About PBA’s Future in Exclusive FloBowling Interview
27 September 2019

In a wide-ranging exclusive interview with FloBowling Senior Editor Lucas Wiseman, new PBA ...
Source: Professional Bowlers Association

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