Questions – (Frequently Asked Or Not)

How do you keep score?

Check these out:

Who is the oldest league bowler?

Gene Scala at 107.
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Who is the oldest person to throw a 300 game in competition or league?

Looks like we've got some controversy here.
Bowling Digital says its Arthur Ulmer of Melbourne, FL who was 89 and some when he did this on Dec. 7, 2010. See says Fran Lasee, 89-year-old Wisconsin bowler is oldest to roll perfect game but gives no date. See this at

What is travel league?

Under several different names, it is a league that moves from facility to facility on a regular basis, like weekly or bi-weekly. Of course you have to live in a region that has enough bowling alleys to do that.

How does rotation affect my shot?

See article on that in sidebar.
Lots of physics involved.

Where is the oldest bowling alley in the US

The oldest certified bowling alley in the US is Holler House in Milwaukee. It's still hand set and has been in business since 1908.

Is it better to buy on-line?

For the most part No, unless you live in some area that is not near a pro shop, like in a small town. Most pro shops will match on-line prices. Weigh your options.

What is the most strikes thrown in a row in a league?


Tommy Gollick of Oberlin, Pa., set a USBC national record by rolling 47 consecutive strikes during league play at the Red Crown Bowling Center in Harrisburg, PA, on May 11, 2010.