Bowling Etiquette

What Is Bowling Etiquette? There are many unwritten rules in any sport. Of these unwritten rules in bowling, the following rule stands out above all the rest: Yield to the bowler to your right if you’re both up at the same time. Do not step onto your approach until the […]

The Fall Of The Mom N Pop Bowling Alley

Remember when? When you could go out to that favorite local bowling alley where all your buddies and you had been coming since you were babies? Then one day comes the news they are going out of business, or maybe, there’s no news, you come by and there’s the “Closed” […]

The Lost Art of Duckpin Bowling

Duckpin bowling From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Duckpins are shorter and squatter than the pins used in 10-pin bowling. Duckpin bowling is a variation of 10-pin bowling. The balls used in duckpin bowling are 4-3/4 in (12 cm) to 5 in (12.7 cm) in diameter (which is slightly larger than […]

Rotation, The Great Equalizer 1

Ever heard the expression “Rotation, rotation, rotation”? One can’t help but notice the effect of ball rotation on pinfall. The ball hits the pins spinning, causing them to spin. Rotation adds to the chaos already in progress by the impact itself. The angle, speed, and direction, of all bodies involved […]

Putting It All Together

Bowling is about two things – The game and Fun. When it comes to the game, it becomes arguably about who can throw the most strikes, whether in handicapped or scratch bowling. Enough strikes can nullify any handicap. And yes, spares can make or break a game, but think about […]

“Roll The Ball” – To Loft Or Not To Loft

It seems that it’s not just the amount of loft one gives the ball but also how it is applied. Here is the gist of an article found on that helps explain some of the principles of lofting. Here’s a piece from that – On their site is a […]

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